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Escape Hunt Gift Box Here


You are looking for an original and unique gift idea to share with family or friends? Discover the Escape Hunt gift box and introduce the Escape Game to your loved ones.

✅ A great gift for young and old alike, to play in a team of 2 to 5 players!

✅ Valid for 12 months to lead the investigation in one of the many cities of our network (35 original scenarios), 7 days on 7;

✅ A first surprise at the opening with a mysterious letter of convocation to reconstitute …

✅ This box is available exclusively within Escape Hunt establishments for a single price of 99 € (excluding shipping costs).

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Do you prefer to buy it directly from one of our stores?

It’s also possible to buy it directly in one of our establishments in France.

For this, contact the establishment of the city of your choice directly in order to arrange an appointment for the withdrawal (payment on the spot or pass to the opening hours) :

Escape Hunt Belfort

8 rue du 21 novembre, 90400 Danjoutin
+33 (0)3 84 46 29 05 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Bordeaux

5 rue Pierre Loti, 33800 Bordeaux
+33 (0)5 56 33 60 01 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Bruxelles

13 rue de Livourne, 1060 Bruxelles
+32 (0)2 850 15 10 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Clermont-F.

108 avenue du Brézet, 63100 Clermont-F.
+33 (0)9 83 59 60 90 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt La Rochelle

12 rue Alfred Kastler, 17000 La Rochelle
+33 (0)5 46 43 16 36 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Marseille

2250 Chemin de Velaux – 13170 Les Pennes
+33 (0)4 42 45 30 44 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Metz

11 allée des Tilleuls, 57130 Jouy aux Arches
+33 (0)3 87 63 53 26 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Nancy

43 rue Marcel Brot, 54000 Nancy
+33 (0)3 83 41 26 20 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Nantes

7 rue du Charron, 44800 Saint-Herblain
+33 (0)2 28 26 70 39 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Paris

5 rue d’Hanovre, 75002 Paris
+33 (0)1 75 50 62 60 de 10h à 20h
[email protected]

Escape Hunt Toulouse

124 bd Pierre & Marie Curie, 31000 Toulouse
[email protected]

How to use my gift box?

All bookings are then directly online. To reserve :

⓵ choose the city in which you want to use your box (list of Escape Hunt to find  by clicking here) ;

⓶ go to the website of the city of your choice, then click on “Book” on the home page;

⓷ enter the code inside the gift box (in the lid) which is to be read in a mirror like the real detectives ? ;

⓸ click on book next to the puzzle you want to solve on the date and on the time slot that suits you ;

⓹ finalize your booking. You will then receive a confirmation email for your booking.


Enjoy your Escape Game adventure?️ ?

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